Application Questions

All applicants who meet our investment mandate (as identified during the EOI review stage) will be invited to submit an application form. Listed below are the questions outlined in our application form.
1. Applicant Details
  • Company Name
  • Company ABN/ACN
  • Primary Contact Full Name
  • Primary Contact Email Address
  • Primary Contact Phone Number
2. Problem, Solution & Market
  • What date did you start to work on this business?
  • What is the problem that you’re solving? (in 2-3 sentences)
  • How are people solving this problem today? (in 2-3 sentences)
  • What is your solution? Provide a description (in 2-3 sentences)
  • Who are the incumbents and major competitors in the market? (in 2-3
  • Who is your target customer, and who is your target user? (in 2-3
  • How are you and your team uniquely positioned and/or qualified to
    solve this problem? (100 words or less)

    Please take the time to answer this question well, yet succinctly
3. Product & Innovation

a.) Share a 3-minute video link of your product demo. Please take note of the guidelines below:

  • The purpose of this short video is for us to quickly understand
    the key features of your product (as viewed by the customer,
    as well as what’s involved in the backend)
  • A 3-minute video is ideal (5 minutes is the maximum – we will
    not watch the video beyond 5 minutes)
  • Production quality is less important, as long as we can hear
    your voice and have a clear view of your product:
  • For software products, we encourage you to use screen
    capture with a voice-over (you can do this on QuickTime
    Player, Loom etc).
  • For hardware products, please ensure that your product
    is visible, and that your voice is clear.
  • No fancy editing or effects are necessary. We don’t want you
    to spend too much time on this! Simple is good.
  • Upload your video to YouTube. If you do not want other
    people to find it, mark it as unlisted. Please do not mark it as
    private or disallow embedding, or we won’t be able to see it.

b.) How will you build a competitive and defensible barrier to entry for your product? (100 words or less)

c.) Please describe your product development progress to date and who has developed your product (If you have outsourced development, please list the relevant supplier and where they are located).

4. Customer Traction, Acquisition & Business Model

a.) Which of the following best describes your customer base?

  • Large enterprise
  • B2B high price point
  • B2B low price point
  • B2B2C
  • B2C high price point
  • B2C low price point

b.) What is your business model (i.e. describe how you make money)? Please include product pricing and any information about margins and unit economics, if available. (ideally in dot-points)

c.) How have you acquired customers/users to date and how do you plan to acquire customers/users moving forward (e.g. direct sales, SEO, paid search, partnerships, content marketing, events, word of mouth etc.)?

d.) Are you currently generating revenue?

5. Financials

If your company is generating revenue:

  • Gross Revenue in previous three months (AUD)
  • EBITDA in previous three months (AUD)
  • What specific milestones is your company hoping to achieve with the funding provided by Skalata?
  • How much in Skalata funding are you applying for? ($100k or $200k)
  • What is your company’s current runway including the Skalata funding above (in months)? Alternatively, please note if you will be cash flow positive.
  • Please list your company’s cap table (shareholders and equity %)
6. Key Personnel Information

a.) How many key people (i.e. founders and/or employees) are actively involved in the business at this point of time?

b.) Please list details about each key person on the team below.

  • Name
  • Gender (Information purposes only)
  • Email
  • LinkedIn Page
  • Full-time / Part-time
  • Position and key responsibilities
  • Equity in company
  • University qualification (Information purposes only)

c.) Have you previously participated in any other entrepreneurship programs? If so, please list the relevant programs.

d.) What relevant experience do you have in either: i) starting a company or ii) the market in which you operate?

e.) If you started a company, what was it called, did you exit, shut down etc.?

f.) If you have relevant experience in this market, in what role/company, and for how long?

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