Explorate named among Australia's fastest growing companies

November 24, 2022
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November 24, 2022
Nick Nichols

It appears that the combined disruption of a pandemic, floods, global conflicts, rising inflation and fears of a global recession can’t keep a good tech company down, as Melbourne medicinal cannabis player Montu was named one of the fastest growing companies by Deloitte’s Technology Fast 50 since the list was established 22 years ago.

Montu, which develops innovative cannabinoid-based products and makes them accessible to patients through a nationwide network of doctors, achieved a massive 20,728 per cent growth in revenue over the three years to 2022, making it a clear winner in this year’s list. This is the fastest growth of any tech company that has made the list since 2004.

But according to Deloitte, the rest of the pack has been just as agile, growing at a faster pace than the most recent Technology Fast 50 list released earlier this year after being delayed by the pandemic in 2021.

The average growth of the 2022 Technology Fast 50 companies surged to 1,308 per cent, up from 936 in 2021, which was another collective high since 2004.

Anti-money laundering risk management platform FrankieOne – founded by serial entrepreneur Simon Costello who was named Trailblazer at the 2021 Melbourne Young Entrepreneur of the Year awards - took out second spot with 4,743 per cent.

Digital order and pay platform me&u, which has been expanding its services into the US and UK - came in third with 3,819 per cent growth. The company, which is headed by Katrina Barry, also scored the female leadership award for 2022.

The Deloitte Technology Fast 50 ranks the 50 fastest-growing public and private technology companies in Australia based on minimum cumulative revenues of $8 million over a three-year period.

Of this year’s cohort, 15 companies had more than $50 million in revenue over three years and 11 achieved more than 1,000 per cent growth.

Former start-ups that have made the list in the past include Seek, realestate.com.au, Altium, Atlassian, Webjet, NextDC, Modibodi and Afterpay.

Deloitte partner Josh Tanchel, who leads the Technology Fast 50 team, says the list provides an insight into the companies worth keeping an eye on.

“For more than 20 years, our Tech Fast 50 program has been telling us where Australia’s tech sector is now, where it’s heading and who’s taking us there, and witnessed and celebrated the meteoric rise of Australia’s fastest-growing businesses, often ahead of their transformation into influential global operators,” he says.

“Based on three years of growth, the 2022 program has arguably been the toughest yet, dominated by so many issues, from the pandemic, floods, international conflict, rising inflation and interest rates, and concerns of a global recession.

“But despite such acute challenges, Australian tech companies have proven resilient, they’ve continued to break growth records, and they’ve demonstrated the sector’s ongoing ability to compete on a global scale.”

Software businesses took a big share of this year’s list, comprising 38 per cent of the total, up from 16 per cent last year, but health-tech dominated the top 10 in this year’s list with five companies making the grade.

NSW was home to most of the 50 companies in this year’s list with a 56 per cent share, followed by Victoria (24 per cent), Queensland (12 per cent), South Australia (4 per cent) and Western Australia (4 per cent).

The Top 50 fastest-growing tech companies in Australia are:

  1. Montu (Growth 20,728%)
  2. FrankieOne (Growth 4,743%)
  3. me&u (Growth 3,819%)
  4. Yellow Canary (Growth 3,692%)
  5. Kaddy (ASX: DW8) (Growth 3,450%)
  6. Cannatrek (Growth 2,990%)
  7. AirPhysio (Growth 2,599%)
  8. PlayHQ (Growth 1,664%)
  9. Fresh Clinics (Growth 1,363%)
  10. Explorate (Growth 1,263%)
  11. Fivecast (Growth 1,014%)
  12. BetMakers (ASX: BET) (Growth 968%)
  13. Cettire (ASX: CTT) (Growth 818%)
  14. Dashdot (Growth 802%)
  15. Arinco (Growth 789%)
  16. InDebted (Growth 774%)
  17. Wisr (ASX: WZR) (Growth 729%)
  18. OurMoneyMarket (Growth 701%)
  19. iPartners (Growth 630%)
  20. Prezzee (Growth 628%)
  21. Vection Technologies (ASX: VR1) (Growth 596%)
  22. Complete Home Filtration (Growth 583%)
  23. Drive Yellow (Growth 522%)
  24. Muval (Growth 519%)
  25. Camplify (ASX: CHL) (Growth 466%)
  26. WithYouWithMe (Growth 464%)
  27. Gratifii (ASX: GTI) (Growth 440%)
  28. Doctors on Demand (Growth 439%)
  29. Mad Paws (ASX: MPA) (Growth 402%)
  30. Esther & Co. (Growth 400%)
  31. DIY Blinds (Growth 393%)
  32. Megaphone (Growth 381%)
  33. CIMET (Growth 359%)
  34. Expert 360 (Growth 353%)
  35. InstantScripts (Growth 345%)
  36. Lumi (Growth 344%)
  37. B dynamic Logistics (Growth 336%)
  38. Employment Hero (Growth 328%)
  39. MyDeal (Growth 326%)
  40. Renewable Mobile Group (Growth 324%)
  41. Data Zoo (Growth 321%)
  42. Neolink (Growth 316%)
  43. 8Squad (Growth 313%)
  44. Have a Voice (Growth 311%)
  45. Zip (ASX: ZIP) (Growth 287%)
  46. Humanitix (Growth 281%)
  47. EVSE (Growth 280%)
  48. Skie (Growth 279%)
  49. Peter Manettas Seafood (Growth 268%)
  50. Entag (Growth 264%)