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Who can invest in Skalata funds?

Our funds are currently only available to professional or sophisticated investors.

Sophisticated and professional are classifications used to describe investors who are more experienced and able to evaluate investment opportunities without needing a prospectus or other regulated disclosure documents. The Corporation Act 2001 outlines the eligibility criteria for each category of investor.

What companies does Skalata invest in?

We invest in Aussie founders building global companies. We invest at the earliest stages in a company's journey and have no specific markets or verticals that we do or don't invest in.

Can I co-invest directly into specific companies?

There are often opportunities for investors to make direct investments into portfolio companies, though this cannot be guaranteed as it depends on sufficient equity being available to meet demand.

What are the expected returns?

It is not possible to place an expectation on returns given the early-stage nature of venture. While this asset class provides the possibility of outsized returns relative to others, this is balanced with a higher risk. Ultimately, the success of a particular early-stage venture fund is defined by whether it has one or more major liquidity events from within its portfolio.

Can I sell my fund investment early?

We currently do not have a secondary market for investors to sell fund positions after they have purchased them. You are able to sell these informally however, and they can be transferred to another entity if required.

What is the expected lifetime of a Skalata fund?

Venture funds are investing in early stage companies and as such, their lifecycle is in line with how long it takes for those companies to build a significant company and create an according amount of value. A fund could expect to have the majority of its portfolio companies to have liquidity events before ten years, but it would not be unusual for companies to still be creating value at that point.

What is the cadence of fund reporting?

We issue a comprehensive report for each individual fund every quarter.

What management fees does Skalata charge?

Management fees vary by fund. Please refer to our fund prospectuses for more information on fund fee structure.

What is Skalata's investment stucture?
  1. Initial Investment
    Companies receive:
    i) Venture development support and;
    ii) $100k - $200k investment funding.

    In return, Skalata Ventures receives 5-10% equity in that company (this determined by our valuation framework)
  2. Follow-on Investment
    Skalata may elect to make further investment of up to a $1m total investment cap if company's demonstrate progress
Do you have a responsible investment policy?

We abide by the Principles of Responsible Investment. This means that we consider environmental, social and governance factors in our investment decisions. We won't invest in industries that don't have a positive social impact (like gambling or tobacco).

Put your money where our expertise is.

By deploying maximum resources, we create an unfair winning advantage for every company in our portfolio.