Seed stage

With more time invested, more founder support and more flexible funding, Skalata helps Australia's leading founders build the capabilities for long-term success.
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Australia's leading seed-stage investor

Skalata is an Australian venture capital firm that invests in innovative, early-stage companies on behalf of wholesale investors including private clients, family offices, foundations, universities and other institutional investors.

Skalata invests at the seed-stage which is a high-risk but high-return asset class. Our investment philosophy focuses on mitigating risk to increase both the performance of successful investee companies and reduce the failure rate in the portfolio, thereby increasing the chances of achieving high-returns for our investors.

Long-term capability

Our experienced team works intensively with founders to help them increase the capability of their business and achieve product-market fit, build a growth engine and develop a sustainable business model.

Strong risk management*

We limit risk up-front and scale our commitment over time, allocating additional funding and resources to highly promising companies as we validate assumptions.

Flexible funding structure

We invest a relatively small amount in companies initially and provide quick follow-on investments in companies that demonstrate strong progress through our support model.


We invest in a large and diversified portfolio of companies, which is proven to be the most significant method of reducing the risk in this asset class.


Fund investors gain access to investment opportunities in portfolio companies. When companies are raising further capital, investors are notified of capacity in the round.

Decades of expertise

Our experienced team has helped grow hundreds of early-stage companies over the years. We help founders overcome short-term challenges, while ensuring they are well placed to achieve long-term success.

Bucking the trend

According to the 2022 State of Australian Startup Funding report, 62% of Australian founders don't believe investors live up to their promise of "value beyond capital".

We're proud to offer more hands-on support than any investor in Australia.
“Without Skalata's guidance, we'd probably still be trying to crack the B2C space. They helped us pivot and ensure we were on the path to success.”
Sonya Stephen - Co-founder, Choovie
“Not only have Skalata provided invaluable help in scaling SBN's operations, they have also provided multiple rounds of funding to support our growth over time.”
Lachlan Thurgood – Co-founder, Strength by Numbers

Invest in the future of Australia

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*All investments carry risks. There can be no assurance that a Skalata Fund will achieve its targeted rate of return and no guarantee against loss resulting from an investment in a Skalata Fund. Past fund performance is not indicative of future performance.

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