It's already tomorrow in Australia.

We want to live in a nation that is ahead of the world – not only in ideas and innovation, but in our capacity to inspire, execute, and to move society forward.

Our Vision
  1. Sydney Observatory – W. Weaver & A. Dawson, Sydney 1857
  2. Multifocal Contact Lens – Stephen Newman, Brisbane 1992
  3. Polymer Bank Note – Prof. David Solomon, Melbourne 1988
  4. Plastic Spectacle Lens – Sola Optical, Adelaide 1960

Ingenuity is in our blood.

The cochlear implant. IVF. The Hills hoist.
Australia has been home to world-changing ideas. The problem is, our pipeline is running a little dry these days. It’s by no fault of our own, however. We’re well educated, full of creativity and have no lack of entrepreneurial spirit. We’re more capable than ever. So what's the problem?
Slipping through the cracks
Starting up isn't the problem. Neither is getting support when you’ve already proven yourself – when profitability’s assured and market share is growing. But right in the middle is a gap no one talks about – where great ideas are stalling, and our nation is literally poorer for it.

Thousands of fledgling companies are out there right now, but they’re operating without the guidance and experience of those who have come before them.
Founders need foundational infrastructure, education and networks to progress through the seed stage.

Clever needs more than capital.

Great ideas are nothing without execution
And execution is hard. Not only does it need talent, but perspective, relationships and experience gained over years of entrepreneurial graft.

It needs a support team who can recognise early potential, are bold enough to embrace it, ambitious enough to put skin in the game, and can offer a ‘been there, done that’ sense of understanding.
Help when it's needed most
Our first-of-its-kind Venture Development model has been designed to equip founders with the tools needed for that critical ‘in between’ stage. The time when that glow of taking the first steps starts to wear off and founders need help making it big.

The future isn't something we'll stumble upon. It's something we'll design.

Let's get hands-on
Our world-leading model helps exciting, young businesses achieve their immense potential. We get stuck in and are the first port of call to solve the problems early-stage founders face on a daily basis.
Let's build momentum
Breakaway successes aren't lucky, they take perseverance and focus. Talented founders turn to us when they aren’t quite sure what the next step is. With our experience and network, we can show them the way.
Let's future proof Australia
We're building a knowledge economy where innovation beats out tradition, and the status quo is challenged on a daily basis. One where smart thinking and intellectual capital is what we value most.

Our Values

We help build enduring companies that positively change society.
Our success is anchored in the values we live every day.

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