Associate program

Your launchpad to a career in entrepreneurship.

Identifiers, evaluators, nurturers – our associates help to develop Australia's next generation of great companies.


Get your start in startups.

The most fun you'll ever have in the deep end.
If you're interested in venture capital, early-stage company development and the venture ecosystem, this is the best apprenticeship in Australia. Gain valuable, transferable skills for wherever you hope to go in the future.
Learn by doing
From day one, help us identify high-quality investment opportunities, nurture, and connect with promising founders. No lectures or homework. And no prior experience in VC necessary.
Level up
Learn to provide support to our portfolio via a structured venture development process. Think goal-setting, strategy, customer discovery, go-to-market plans, fundraising strategy... the works.
Build a long-term network
Develop and maintain great relationships with our ecosystem partners – universities, community leaders and other VCs. It's what you know and who you know, after all.
Shape Australia's future
By helping our portfolio companies succeed, you'll lead the charge in our transition to a knowledge economy. Be a big part of the big picture.

“It’s a flexible role that allows you to pursue your own interests.

Venture Capital covers so many areas of business. That’s why you can absolutely get what you want out of it. It's such a stimulating environment – I've not only learnt a tonne, but I’ve become so much more inquisitive since working with the Skalata team.”

An MBA for the 21st century.

And we'll pay you while you learn...
Startup Methodology & Fundamentals
Financials & Fundraising
Due Diligence
Sales & Marketing
Funds Management
Company Selection
Startup Methodology & Fundamentals
Learn the basics of business model creation, lean canvas and the importance of a MVP.

Hone in on what makes a great pitch (and deck).

Embrace radical candour and how to provide rapid, constructive feedback.

Understand cognitive biases and how to conquer them.
Financials & Fundraising
Get to grips with the core metrics for different business types, and how to determine healthy unit economics.

Learn how to review and scrutinise P&L, balance sheet and cash flows.

Uncover the details of ESOPs, SAFE notes and cap tables.

Know how to plan and execute a streamlined fundraising process.
Due Diligence
Understand all the signals of a great early-stage company (and the red flags to pay attention to!).

Learn how to draft shareholders agreements, review customer contracts, supplier and licensing agreements.

Master the art of a great founder reference call.
Learn how to prepare a robust startup strategy.

Help define and adapt the all-important value proposition

Grasp the 3 useful tests to accurately measure product-market fit.

Learn the importance of a growth engine and the steps it takes to make it really hum.
Recruitment & Selection
Understand our investment mandate, and how to apply it to companies.

Learn how to review and score applications objectively.

Take a deep dive into companies and master the art of the interview.
Understand how significant, sustainable businesses are structured for success.

Learn how to build a board skills matrix and recruit a top-tier board (or advisory board).

Conduct advisory board meetings, and learn to take effective minutes.
Sales, Marketing & Product
Learn about customer personas and how to develop them.

Set the scene by developing efficient product roadmaps.

Master marketing plans, sales processes and funnels for customer acquisition.

Piece together how to develop a perfect pricing model.
Learn how to run an effective hiring and onboarding process.

Understand what goes into a bulletproof reference check.

Get a crash course on OKRs, why they’re so important and how to develop them.

Choose your own adventure.

Which door would you like to open?
At the end of your two-year term, you'll have the skills, experience, reputation, and networks to choose your own path...
Found your own startup
Caught the startup bug? Have a market-changing idea? We want to give you the funding and operational support to make it big.
Jump ship to our portfolio
Taken a shining to one of our portfolio? Think you can add value in a particular area? We have 43 companies that could benefit from your new skillset.
Stay with Skalata
Move into an area that piques your interest – recruitment, portfolio, funds management... Maybe you want to spearhead an entirely new division?
Join a later-stage VC
We have close relationships with VC firms investing at the Series A-D stage in Australia and abroad. We'll make that warm intro.
“Skalata has really elevated my business knowledge. Regardless of background, you take away so much every day.”

Meet our inaugural associates.

We wanted to give you a glimpse into life as an associate at Skalata, but this is all starting to sound suspiciously like a job ad…

Hear from our inaugural associates, Justine and Wahid, who'll tell you how it really is.

Ready to accelerate your career?

We're currently looking for 3 new associates to join us.