About Us

Based on international best practice, Skalata Ventures provides bespoke support to early stage companies to grow their customer base and prepare to scale. Our companion investment fund provides up to $250,000 funding for each company in the program.


Fully integrated

We invest in and support leading early stage companies using a model based on international best practice and adapted for the local environment.



We’ve partnered with business leaders, universities, corporates and investors to provide unparalleled institutional support to Australia’s emerging entrepreneurs.


Backed by

Skalata Ventures is backed by a board of business leaders who have built some of Australia’s largest and most iconic companies.


What is Skalata Ventures?

Skalata Ventures supports Australian entrepreneurship. We have established Australia’s first fully-integrated seed investment program to help early stage companies prepare to scale and grow into significant, sustainable and transformative businesses.

What is Skalata’s purpose? 

A critical stage for entrepreneurs is when they are preparing to scale their businesses. We provide funding and bespoke support to these early stage companies to grow their customer base and help build the infrastructure to prepare them to scale.

What is Skalata’s seed investment program?

The Skalata Ventures seed investment program helps early stage companies navigate the challenges they face in order to grow. Our companion investment fund will provide up to $250,000 funding for each company in the program.

Is the Skalata Ventures program an accelerator?

People define accelerators, incubators and seed investment programs differently. The Skalata Ventures program is based on international best practice and is designed specifically for early stage companies preparing to scale.

What makes Skalata Ventures different?

We offer a fully integrated program comprising bespoke support and up to $250,000 in funding. The program is based on international best practice and feedback from Australia’s leading founders and venture capitalists. And, we’re backed by a unique combination of leading business figures, universities and corporates.

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